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ADEPT 721-00304 (OMRON) Quattro S650H Four-Axis Parallel Robot

Manufacturer: ADEPT
SKU: 10003820
Part number: 721-00304
Availability: In stock
Quick overview Quick Release Coupling
Product description

Profesionally removed from site, tested, calibrated.

Robot is fully fuctional with low hours.

Two models are available: 721-00304, 721-00321. Price is for one robot only.

Comes with SmartController CX with 128mb Flah with V+ 17.1D AIM 4.2CB

Stainless Steel frame is not included but available for extra cost.

Computer with software included.

!!! International shipping available !!!

Consulting support included

Please call ot email with any questions.

• Ethernet capability to control the robot through the familiar programming language of Machine Automation Controller CX Series

• Four-axis arm evenly distributes the load on the robot

• Fast and high-precision conveyance and assembly

• Designed with a high payload to support multi-hand (multi-picking)

• Supports fast Pick & Place on a fast conveyor

• Meets the sanitary standards of the United States Department of Agriculture for prevention of product contamination

• Maximum working diameter 1,300 mm

• Working height 500 mm

• Maximum payload 15 kg

• Weight 117 kg