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GECUBE GC-HM1600PG2-D3 Radeon X1600PRO Supporting 512MB HyperMemory(256MB on Board) 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card

GeCube`s Radeon X1600Pro is built on the blazing Radeon X1600Pro GPU, giving it the heart to battle almost any monster, the skill to render any animation or graphics, and the speed to get you around obstacles like lightning. With a 500MHz clock speed and 12 pixel pipelines, you can run most of your games at their high settings without performance loss, because the 256MB of 800 MHz GDDR2 memory handles the details for you with ease born of Radeon`s long experience. Compliant with DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 2.0 and even ready for Windows Vista, this card is ready to offer you true-to-life image rendering and snake-smooth video playback. Including several of ATI`s proprietary rendering systems, and ready for the Avivo standard, you`ll get adaptive anti-aliasing, intense 3D graphics and great image fidelity. It`s cooled by both a fan and heatsink, ensuring it`ll stay cool in the hottest battles. You can also pair with another identical card using the CrossFire technology, for even more amazing performance, and, if you have the nerve, output it to your HDTV to get blown completely away. This card is a huge value and a great addition to any PCI-e system.