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We want to give you a fair price and have you be a satisfied customer who will do return business with us and refer other customers to us.  So we have no incentive to give you less than the amount on your initial appraisal.   However, on occasion we receive items that are different than the original appraisal in either condition, model name/number or the associated accessories. In this situation we will send you an email with our revised appraisal, based on what we received.   At that point you can choose to accept our revised offer and receive prompt payment on it, or we will return your items to you free of charge.*   For complete information on this policy, please refer to the terms and conditions section.  

To get your items to us, please carefully package your items so that they are protected. And we always pay for the shipping, which is covered at the end of your Web transaction.   Once we receive your items, we evaluate them to make sure that everything matches the appraisals.

Assuming they do, we will email you with a confirmation, and you will receive your credit in no time. Everything is hassle free!

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